DB225 Dustless Blasting Machine

The DB 225 Dustless Blasting Machine has a run time of approximately 30 minutes with a #5 nozzle and 20 gal of water per hour. Making it a great choice for smaller projects and for use in paint and panel shops etc.

These dustless blasting machines have 1 ¼’ piping and should be used with a 130 cfm – 375cfm compressor. Not only are they powerful, they are smaller and more compact allowing you to save space, although still benefit from the DB 225 to help you to be more productive and make more money!

Dustless blasting equipment has superior suction power and separation efficiency. The Vacuum Blaster provides for real dustless blasting and is a real productivity booster day in and day out thanks to the design of the vacuum head along with the close circuit continuous, non-pulsing stream of the blasting abrasive.

Our blasting machines are broadly used within the steel floor cleansing field. Such as rust removal, sand cleaning, oxide pores and skin cleansing, burnishing and descaling for parts used within the fields of automobile industry, bridge, machinery, automobile parts, other casting parts, forging parts, engineering parts etc..


– 2 Cubic ft. (56.6ltr)
– 24” Wide x 48” tall x 30” long
(0.609m x 1.219m x 0.762m)
– Weight – 206 lbs (118kg)
– 306 Degrees blast hose movement
– Clog-free
– Operating pressure – 30psi up to 150 psi
– ASME / PED / CE Certified


– 15.25m blast hose
– Quick fill funnel w/screen
– Pressure regulator
– Deadman activator valve
– Tungsten carbide nozzle
– Texas Edition
– All parts manufactured of hardened steel or Tunsten Carbide
– Lifetime warranty on vessel