DB800 Dustless Blasting Machine

Dustless blasting recognises the needs of the industry and our machines offer all the features that the professional use requires. All machines can be fitted with a well-designed and proven single piece remote control switch and silencer which significantly reduce labour cost, improve efficiency of abrasive, performance and safety.

Our blasting machines are widely used in the metal surface cleaning field. Such as rust removal, sand cleaning, oxide skin cleaning, burnishing and descaling for parts used in the fields of ship building, auto industry, bridge, machinery, auto parts, other casting parts, forging parts, engineering parts etc.

The DB150 is popular mostly with small restoration shops, extreme hobbyist, and small companies with minimal cleaning challenges.

It’s our smallest and lowest price blaster with a little over 1 cubic foot capacity which, depending on pressure and abrasive flow settings, should last about 15 minutes.

It replaces hand tools like grinders and sanders and is used for smaller jobs like antique restoration etc.


The DB 500 Dual Axle Technical Specification includes;

– 141.6 Ltr
– 1.0m Wide x 1.27m Tall
– Weight – 165.5kg
– 360 Degrees / Blast Hose Movement
– Clog-Free
– Operating Pressure – 30psi up to 150psi
– ASME / PED / CE Certified

– 15.25m Blast Hose
– Quick Fill Funnel w/Screen
– Pressure Regulator
– Deadman Activator Value
– Tungsten Carbide Nozzel
– Texas Editions
– All parts manufactured of hardened steel or Tunstan Carbide.
– Lifetime Warranty on Vessel


– 15.25m blast hose
– Quick fill funnel w/screen
– Pressure regulator
– Deadman activator valve
– Tungsten carbide nozzle
– Texas editions
– All parts manufactured of hardened steel or Tunstan Carbide.
– Lifetime Warranty on Vessel